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Community Radio is the voice of local public.  On the one side it creates the entrance of common people in right to information, and another side it has increased the awareness of common people about Government and non-Government services. To keep front this aim, Community Radio starts it’s journey in coastal area Borguna, from last 27 May 2011 (license NO-3, 28 November 2011). To keep consistence with local people’s demand and desire it is playing the vital role in entertainment, education, agriculture, health, weather news, awareness building news, daily market price, Government and non-Government information services, the activities of local government and other sectors. Most of the time in Stormy south area electric connection is not available. Even electric connection is not available from three to four days. As a result people can’t watch television regularly. The daily newspaper reaches there after 3pm. For the lack of enough facilities of national mass-media, day by day community radio is becoming popular there and this is the one of the media of their entertainment and getting information. The broadcasting time of Community Radio is 3pm to 9pm. But in the mean time the broadcasting activities has been increased. At present the broadcasting system is continuing through 250W high powerful transmission machine.  Community Radio (Locobeter) program can be heard easily from any Upozilla of Borguna.  Broadcasted Community Radio Programs are heard from Borguna district Sadar, Amtoli, Taltoli, Bamna, Betagi, Pathorghata, Potuakhali Sadar, Kuakata, Kolapara, Mirzagong, Golachipa, Rangabali, Jhalkathi, kathalia, Razapur, Nolchiti, Mothbaria of Phirozpur, Vandaria, and Morolia of Bagerhat Dirtrict.

The total population of community broadcasted areas are: 31,78,977. ( According to the report of Census 2011) At present the total population is almost 35 million. Among them community radio program is heard by more than 10 million people in any way. Everyday 5 million listeners listen the programs of community radio. Through the ATOI project of Prime Minister the last year 27 May 2014 community radio website has been designed. Every month more than 1 million visitors visit website. Not only that everyday more than 1 thousand listeners directly joined the radio program through SMS and over telephone. Through community radio’s (Loko beter) Facebook and Twitter link many listeners listen the broadcasted programs.

The areas from where community radio programs are heard that is shown by circle

The population and listeners of community radio broadcasting areas:

FiveDistrict/Seventeen Upozilaxx30,30,777x4,84,592

Out of community radio’s regular broadcasting time it broadcasts any special day, natural disaster, any government information etc.  The program our Borguna (Mogo Borguna) broadcasts from 3pm-3:30pm, 3:45 pm to 5:30 magazine and entertainment related,  from 5:45 to 10:00 the audience participation program (through telephone and sms) Hello Borguna, Dokhina Hawa, Roshalo Adda etc live program  is broadcasted.  Everyday the news broadcast six times  4:30, 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30  Within news separately sports news and weather news are heard.

As community radio is in a specific area so there is a link with the local people. As a result they can express their problems and possibility through community radio.

The internal news of Borguna such as weather news, every moments news of disaster time, special bulletin, own tradition and culture, local song, various program on local language which does not take place in national the daily newspaper and electronic media but community radio broadcasts it with great importance. As a result the popularity of community radio is increasing day by day. Community radio broadcasts education, health, agriculture, women, local government, national issue related program is being broadcasted as a result that community is being benefitted.

The Studio of Community Radio and others information.

a)Number of studio: 01, under construction:01, b) transmitter power 100W, c) new transmitter power250 W, d) Consol number :03, e) Computer:09, f) Generator 01,  g) musical instruments.

Listener Club:

The total listener club of community radio is 80.  High powerful radio is given every listener club(10 band). Every club is consists of 11 members.

Ability of Community Radio:

  • We have 3 transmission machine. For that if any technical  problem arises our broadcast does not stop for one minute.
  • If electricity goes we have high powerful IPS and generator. In the time of last cyclone Mohsin there was no electricity for 4 days but we continued our activities through IPS and generator with whole day and night.
  • We have skilled man power and 307 volunteer. Man 153, Wemen 154. By their help qualified  program  making is the task of very short time to us.
  • We have lyricist and singer. We can compose song with any concept by tuning we can make new song.
  • We have script writer, actor and actress.
  • We have a standard studio.
  • Subject based magazine making is not difficult matter to us.
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